Eagle over the Rising Sun (EOTRS) is a series that was inspired by my desire to jump into the historical wargaming arena. About 3 years ago, I was introduced to the historical wargaming hobby by a friend of mine, Terry Kolb. He took me to Fall-In, which was being held at Timonium, PA. While at Fall-In, we met Mark Fastoso (author of the Colonial Campaigns series). Mark invited Terry and myself to his house to partake in his Vietnam campaign book. From that point on I was hooked.

With so many gamers and scenarios focused around the European Theatre of operation, Terry and I decided to tap into the Pacific Theatre. This endeavor has taken up almost 2.5 years. Terry dropped out of the partnership to focus on his family. I am still working at it, but¬†occasionally¬†get bit by the procrastination beast. I still would like to touch the major events of the Pacific Theatre of WWII… a very lofty goal. But hey… without goals what would the point be.

Many American men died in the Pacific trying to regain honor and deliver revenge to the Japanese Empire. In the same breath, many Japanese died defending the island fortresses they built and in honor of their emperor.

EOTRS attempts to share the historical events that occurred during this period, while offering a balanced historical wargame that can be played. Scenarios are play-tested using the rules listed in the respective books. Of course, you may use any rules and/or add house rules. I ask that your finding in the EOTRS forum.

I hope you enjoy Eagle over the Rising Sun.


Eric Alvarado

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